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RBI Saving Account Big Update : PIB Fact Check has informed that the account will not be closed if more than Rs 30,000 is deposited in the account. There is no notification from the Governor to close accounts with deposits above Rs 30,000. This claim is completely false.

RBI Saving Account Big Update

RBI Saving Account Big Update

RBI Saving Account Big Update

In the last few days, news has been published that if more than 30,000 Toman is deposited, this account will be closed. The message said that this announcement was made by the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India. RBI told the truth about this.

PIB tweeted:

This information has been given by PIB on Twitter and an image is also attached. It says that the account can be closed if the deposit amount exceeds Rs 30,000. However, PIB said on Twitter that neither the central bank nor the governor has taken any such decision.

Avoid fake news-

The central bank often advises people to avoid fake news. We also advise you not to share any personal information with third parties as it may land you in big trouble. The Reserve Bank is also urging people not to share fake news with others.

Check every message –

If you suspect that this virus message may be fake then you can also check the facts of the message. If you want to check the authenticity of the viral message, send a message to 918799711259 or email [email protected].

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